It’s the first of October, and the Summer is gone…

October 6, 2013 § Leave a comment

Wow. The last time I used WordPress I was a thirteen year old who loved nothing more than Photoshop and the Jonas Brothers. (Stop judging me.) 

Hard to believe I have just started my second year at the University of Huddersfield studying Graphic Design.  I had a glorious long Summer that consisted of relaxation followed by a trip to America towards the end. Starting in LA, following onto Las Vegas and then across to the beautifulness that is Colorado. Sigh, I miss it already. The reason i’m writing this is because I got to capture some photographs that I would like to share. I am in no way a professional photographer and most likely not even classed as an amateur one, but it’s something I truly have a passion for. I’m not going to lie, they are not my best, but whilst on vacation i’m in a constant battle with myself to try stop concentrating on taking photographs and just take everything in.

Here’s a few from the summer. Click photograph to enlarge.  (I’ll post a link when i’ve finished edited them all and have uploaded to my Flickr!)


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