Online Colour Challenge Results

October 9, 2013 § Leave a comment

In Mondays lecture with Margot, we were told to go home and take the Online Colour Challenge, where you sort out colours so they match next to each other, gradually changing from one colour to another as the line goes on. As a designer, I have a pretty decent understanding on colours, but I didn’t set my expectations up high as my eyes have being gradually deteriorating these past months (damn you technology) and I keep putting off booking myself in for an appointment at the opticians. (Stupid, I know. Time for glasses Georgia.)


Here’s a print screen after i’d sorted out the colours. I guess when you’re doing it the colours eventually all start to look the same. (I can see a couple of mistakes now and I want to do it over!!)


Overall I got the score of 4. 1 being perfect colour acuity and 99 being low colour acuity. Not bad for a girl who needs glasses, right? 

If you want to find out your colour acuity click here! 


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