Spencer Roberts – Summary of Work

October 9, 2013 § Leave a comment

Semester 1
Start looking at one theorist. Research. Mind map.

You are required to: 

  • Identify two key theorists or two key perspectives.
  • Produce a formal mind map of each of your theorists/perspectives.
  • Produce a more aesthetic visualisation of each of your chosen theorist/perspectives.
  • Produce a five page treatment of each theorist/perspective in the style of an Icon Books beginners guide.
  • Produce an essay comparing and contrasting your chosen theorist/perspectives (2000 words)

For next session:

  • Identified at least one of two theorists and map their position. Pick someone you like/are interested in. You are modelling their ‘way of seeing’ and their ‘image of thought’
  • What aspects of the world could they be said to prioritise – what aspects of the world do they background/obscure.
  • Focus on tendencies of thought – traditions – wider influence.
  • Keep in mind traditions/historical location – what was the significance of  their practice then – what is their significance of their practice now? In what sense do they innovate? Are they notable in any other way?
  • Are they affiliated with particular technologies/techniques – what are the assumptions of such technologies?
  • Who were their precursors? Who are their successors?

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