Daniel Eatock

October 13, 2013 § Leave a comment

Daniel Eatock is a graphic designer based in the UK. He sees himself as a collector and a lot of his art are products of his collections. Most famous for his branding for the Channel 4 (now 5) hit reality TV show Big Brother, his logo was designed for the first series back in 2000, becoming one of the most iconic television logos in history. Each year the logo varies slightly depending on the trends at the time.

You can read an interview about the story behind the logo and Eatock’s journey here.

Eatock did an interesting project where he got people to photograph the strap attached to their cameras. Here’s just a small collection of my personal favourites from the collection. I do think the more abstract the strap is the more interesting the photo becomes. You can view the full set here.

Pantone Tria II Marker pens, 200gsm smooth uncoated white paper (x)

A complete set of Pantone marker pens standing on their base with their nibs facing upright. Single sheets of A1 paper carefully placed to rest on the bed of pen nibs. Each left for twice the duration of the previous print, giving the gradually drying pens more time to mark the paper. For each print the pens where rearranged in a random composition.

penprintScreen Shot 2013-10-13 at 16.37.17




You can view all of David Eatock’s collections here, such as a collection of Santa head shots (kind of creepy, i’m not going to lie) and a collection of taxi cards.


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