Colour Phycology

October 16, 2013 § Leave a comment

In todays lecture we looked into colour phycology, talking about how various colours have different connotations and when designing we have to keep this in mind. For example, if I am designing a logo for a client I always must keep in mind the image the company is trying to portray to its clients. Colour can be an extremely important part in this.

A task in the lecture consisted of Tracy saying a colour and we had to say the first thing that came to mind along with a memory. Colours can make us think about different memories such as red and green when together can remind us of Christmas. An example of mine would be when Tracy said white, I thought of Leeds United, and when she said red, I thought of Man United. (I feel slightly sick mentioning them on my blog.) Another example would be purple. I thought of Barney. This shows that targeting an audience with a certain colour is good advertisement.

  • Colour is crucial to advertising
  • Colour changes emotions
  • Colour draws attention
  • 50s is when it was looked at as a science – could decipher your mental state from your favourite colour
  • We see 7 million colours
  • When you intensely saturate yellow on the screen it goes brighter

Black and White are the main colours for in style cool products – LBD, apple products, cars etc – major associations: evil, death, night, halloween, spooky

Red is the oldest colour in all cultures, first colour to come after b&w and connoted a vary of emotions raging from love, passion, blood, rage, murder and lust. It’s the most popular colour for children and the most popular colour on flags.  An international colour for STOP, good luck in asia and red saris for weddings (happiness and good luck) red is a popular used colour, although it used to be as rare as purple. Red is used in the film Schindlers List in the extremely powerful  scene where the girl in the red coat is walking down the street.  Coca-cola didn’t invent red santa, just made it the vibrant santa we all know.

Orange – cheerful, extroverted, warm, exotic, autumn – no real strong identity – guantanamo bay

Yellow – joy, cheerful, enlightenment, happy, sun – higher association, eyes are more sensitive to yellow, more reflective, powerful so dont need to focus too much, warning signs as highly reflective – wasps, illness, warnings

Green – envy, decay, life, stability, nature, poison, army camouflage, lucky irish – it hits the back of the retina, naturally consumed, recycling, eco, verb, in china it symbolises infidelity, symbol for go, no green cars at races as considered bad luck

Blue – cool, solitude, tranquility, isolation, melancholy, sky, – homosexual in russia, drunk in germany, blue for girls in belgium, sic-fi, sailor, corporate companies, banks, – the blue umbrella

Purple – decadence, luxury, sensuality, wealth, technical, high quality, expensive, if we can use purple light as a source of energy it will be significant.

(Richard Sheldrick Speech)



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