Vintage Postcard Travel Journal

October 19, 2013 § Leave a comment


As an avid blogger myself for several years (although I admit mainly aimed at fangirling over certain celebrities) I have racked up quite the collection of favourite blogs that I visit regularly. These blogs vary from photography, to food, to travel, etc, but one of my favourite blog still remains abeautifulmess. Now, if you are aware of the blogging community i’m sure you will have heard of them. Once you see how interesting their posts are it’s hard to stay away.

If anyone is aspiring to be a blogger or has the desire to become an established one, I advise you to check them out. Starting in 2007, they gradually became more and more popular building up a community of people who visit their blog daily. Since then, they have published a book that you can buy here and created an extremely popular Instagram app that you can download here.

I vaguely remembered seeing a post last summer where they had created a travel journal made out of vintage postcards, and after a quick search I found it! Gorgeous, right? I would love to design something along the lines of this, displaying my postcards and perhaps writing my memories and sticking my photographs from the places in it, but this is a very hands on approach to displaying something, and this isn’t my strongest point in design. (I prefer digital.) I may have a little experiment with this kind of thing though and see where it takes me.


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