Coding With Multiple Images

October 23, 2013 § Leave a comment

In todays tutorial with spencer we were learning how to adjust the stroke/fill of our selection squares and experiment with different opacities and paint using more images within Processor. We started off from where we were last week (yes, Kyle Chandler returns once again.)  Previously (see last coding post) my selection squares were neon green or bright red. Our first move was to get rid of these colours and let it pick up the actual image colours – this meant adjusting the stroke and fill codes. The next step was to adjust the opacity to give it a smoother look without the sharp edges.

We then selected a few more random (yeah, right…) images from good old Google to add into our code. Kyle Chandler, Matthew Perry, Matt Leblanc, and Michael Weatherly. Can you tell I like TV? (I promise you this is not the only reason i’m enjoying these tutorials, but it sure does help.)

Making sure that all our images were correctly named and in the right format and location, we progressed into the final part in which we added the photos into the code, so when we pressed play it produced a random image from our files.


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