After Effects | Working with layers and shapes

October 28, 2013 § Leave a comment

Jays After Effects tutorials are progressing at a good pace, and my confidence using the programme is growing day by day.

We began by creating a new composition, a new layer and then creating a solid colour. Using the pen tool we drew a shape (it’s surprisingly like Illustrator) and added some animation using the selection tool and adjusting the key points in our shape. Here is a few attempts at animating the shapes, adding in shapes, and changing the feather and opacity.

The second part of the tutorial showed us how to create circles, duplicate them, change the colour (using 255 of R,G and B which are the colours the TV uses) overlap them, and change the ‘mode’ to ‘add’ so that we can see what the colours make when put together. We then went on to rotating shapes and adding a gradient fill.

Jay finished off the tutorial by showing us how to add effects to the paths of our shapes. We added ‘wiggling paths’ which is a really interesting effect and we can change all the settings of this to make it exactly how we would like. Here’s my outcome:

Overall, this was a great tutorial that kept me interested and busy. I am learning so much from these videos and am becoming more interested in the programme as the weeks go by.


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