Monday, 4th November 2013 Tutorials

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Steve kindly gave us the lesson to catch up on our blogs as it assessment week next week. I have kept up to date with my blog which is something i’m quite proud of as I have a tendency to leave things until they really need posting. (Wow, I must be learning.) I used the lesson to read over everything i’ve posted and learnt, and then edited a few images for my taxonomy project.

I’m still throughly enjoying Jays lesson, and today I learnt how to animate text in After Effects. Here’s a couple of animated text I created:

I’m really getting into After Effects and i’ve thought of an idea for my taxonomy project that I could apply my new knowledge in After Effects towards.

In Rob and Margot’s lecture we discussed next weeks deadline for the taxonomy project. We are expected to do a 6:40 minute presentation without any interruptions to 4 students and a teacher (YIKES!) We will then be given a grade for where we are with the project, which we will then go on to develop. I’m rather nervous about the presentation as talking to a group isn’t my strong point, but I realise this is a great time to build my confidence as this is something i’ve got to get used to. I will bring time management into consideration as I want to talk about all the important parts of my project.

We also did a small task where we screwed up paper several times (trying our best not to rip it) and going on to create type from it. Here’s an ‘E’ I created:20131104-220858.jpg

Talking about presenting to part of the class led me to think about last weeks episode of Educating Yorkshire. This doesn’t have much relevance to my usual blog posts, but I feel the need to share how amazing this student is overcoming his stutter.


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