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In the capitalistic system we live in, almost every event of daily life consequently leaves a trace as a revenue or expenditure. Since it is possible to track one’s behavior pattern by investigating those traces, this documentary piece is intended to geographically patternize the money spending of myself. It is a part of the ‘self-observation series’ and it tracks down every transaction that was made through my debit card in the year of 2006. Based on the banking history of the Bank of America, account balances and each transaction details are described on the top panel. The bottom two panels of map represent the location of the transaction with red strings connecting each transaction to the physical space of it.

The work was shown at the Meet by Accident (2007) at Space 35 Gallery, Chelsea, New York.

Inkjet Print on Newsprint, Maps, Map Tacks and Strings
40 x 40 inches

I love this idea and I think it looks great. I could potentially do this with my postcards, as I visited a quite a lot of places, although I don’t know if I have enough postcards to get the same effect as this.


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