Circular Data Visual Final

February 3, 2014 § Leave a comment

This large circular visualisation of names of employees and salaries gives a very quick and impactful playback of where the bulk people actually sit in a wide band of total cost including salary and other on costs associated with their employment. The band runs from £20-£50k and the spread shows that there is a core element where most employees sit and this is £34-£38k.

The fact that we can review this so simply not only demonstrates how many people there are and what salary/total cost they incur but is clearly demonstrates that the business can and does employee people in this area of total cost yet there are some above and below this bulk matched area.This can potentially tell us several things, for instance some people either have a lower salary or/and total cost and this may look good but in reality the majority of the bulk are in one area this is likely to be known and the employees below this band will be uneasy and maybe looking to move especially if they are performing well or/and looking after large values of business versus some of their colleagues.For those above it says that maybe these people should have more responsibility versus the bulk as their costs are higher and therefore the return should be pro rata to make the resource as efficient as possible from a cost management perspective.


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