Dreamweaver Workshop

February 11, 2014 § Leave a comment

I was excited to find out we were moving onto Dreamweaver this week as this is something I have little experience with. The last time I used the programme was back in the glory days of high school. Of course, I remember nothing. (I mean, who actually listened in high school?)

You need to name your site (of course it was named Chandler Bing) and create a folder on your desktop where everything for it will be saved and linked oo (every time you open your file you will have to re-connect the folder to the file or else the links will be broken). You then need to fill out all your server information, in this case we were just shown a preview as none of us had access to a server yet. Finally, you have to save the new HTML page as ‘index’ or else it won’t work.  Check out http://www.w3c.org for help on how to construct a HTML website under their conditions.

If you type between the ‘head’ tags, it creates the title of the page that will open up when a user clicks on your website. If you move onto the ‘body’ tag, that is where all your content goes. You can either type your writing on the blank page provided or you can type it into your HTML body area and hit the refresh button.

When you save this page and preview it as a site, the code is read in a linear fashion. HTML is the actual website page. CSS governs the layout. On this note, we need to create a layout for the site using CSS. Go to ‘File’ – ‘New’ – ‘CSS’ and you now have 2 pages open. Save the new CSS file as stylesheet (almost every website will have a Stylesheet). CSS is like a set of rules for the page.

Once you’ve saved the new CSS file, you need to link the stylesheet to the HTML page so that it knows to change the site according to your layout rules. After we had done this, we looked into giving directions on the background colour.  Dreamweaver doesn’t use RGB like a lot of software, it uses hexidecimal like Photoshop does (ffffff is white and 000000 is black). Screen Shot 2014-02-10 at 14.46.10

The curly brackets start and close the code and semi-colon terminates it completely. If you save it, this should now change the colour of your background to grey. We then figured out the sizing for our website and learnt that most websites have a size of 1024 pixels wide.


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