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diffo-colours poster11 posterr

Originally these circles were to begin an idea I had, but once i’d actually created them I realised I could create a visualisation purely out of these. As you can see by the key, each different colour represents a different part of the employee, ranging from salary to car cost to sales responsibility. The lighter the shade, the higher the number.

This coloured visualisation  is a simple but effective way of understanding the employees in a snap shot view. You can quickly see for instance how many low level and high level salary earners you have across the business. You can identify the number who has a heavy work load when it comes to service and of course the number who has a low work loading. This is a really simple representation of how the business looks and it can be used to fix benchmarks for improvement as you aim to ‘change’ the colours by increasing efficiencies and moving everyone up to the upper levels where applicable (like service load / sale responsibility etc.) and be making others aware that there are many who ‘manage costs’ better (phones / fuel etc.) so you can have an improvement plan that will help the business results and performance.

This is also an anonymous visualisation and therefore can be used across the business.


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