Dissertation Preparation – Week 2

March 26, 2014 § Leave a comment

The Frame Work

A.) Introduction & Context

  • Establish opposition around topic/a variety of contexts and can be connected
    Literature Review

    Setting up the platform of information for your dissertation.

    • Business
    • Sociological
    • Philosophical
    • Psychological
    • Cultural
    1. Key theorists/perspectives/texts
    2. Key practitioners/works
    3. Contemporary discussion of topic

B.) Methods & Methodology (must be appropriate to the topic)

  • Note: This can also be a good way of establishing contact with potential employer
  • Remember: In part you may be devising methods
  1. Questionnaire
  2. Case Studies
  3. Interviews
  4. Participant Observation
  5. Close viewing/reading
  6. Comparative analysis (image, text, perspective, philosophy)

C.) Argument (stages/phases)

  • Angular: thesis/antithesis/synthesis
  • Intensive: transformative/persuasive – How to make your audience see things differently
  • Don’t slip into the language of proof, “my research has proved this…” We’re trying to persuade not prove

D.) Contemporary Relevance

  • Why is it important to address this topic today?

E.) Conclusion & Contribution

  • Knowledge/interpretations/scholarship in your discipline

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